Working Group on Public Communication of Nuclear Regulatory Organisations (WGPC)

Efficiency in decision-making by governmental authorities is increasingly dependent upon public trust. Public communication is one of the keys to the future of nuclear power. A workshop on regulatory public communication, held in Paris in December 2000, highlighted the importance of public confidence in nuclear regulators. In recognition of this, the CNRA set up in 2001 the working group on public communication of nuclear regulatory organisations (WGPC). The purpose of the WGPC is to facilitate the exchange of information, news, documents, experiences and practices among nuclear regulatory organisation communicators. It also aims to exchange views regarding the policies of nuclear regulatory organisations in the area of public communication and identify ways of promoting efficient collaboration.

As of January 2017, 23 NEA member countries had representation on the WGPC. In addition, India, the United Arab Emirates, the European Commission and the IAEA all had observer status in the group. A new Chair was elected in April 2016.

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Last updated: 19 February 2018