Working Group on Public Communication of Nuclear Regulatory Organisations(WGPC)


(as revised at the 13 June 2005 CNRA Meeting)

1. The Working Group will share information, news, documents, data, views, ideas, and experiences in the field of public communication and stakeholder involvement. It will keep abreast of activities of a similar or related nature undertaken by other parts of the NEA.

2. The Working Group will review developments, progress, techniques, tools, procedures and achievements in the area of nuclear regulatory communication with the public and stakeholders. It will highlight lessons learned and good practices.

3. The Working Group will provide assistance to CNRA members, through technical notes and workshops, by addressing specific issues and practices.

4. The Working Group will co-operate, internally and externally, with other organizations in regulatory public communication and stakeholder interaction matters, in line with NEA policy.

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Last updated: 5 January 2015