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The Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion (JEFF) Nuclear Data Library is a collaborative project between NEA Data Bank participating countries. The JEFF library combines the efforts of the different JEFF Working Groups to produce common sets of evaluated nuclear data, for fission and fusion applications.

The JEFF suite of nuclear data libraries contains a number of different data types, including neutron and proton interaction data, radioactive decay data, fission yields, and thermal scattering law data.

JEFF Documentation

Historically, internal documents presented at JEF(F) meetings (since 1981) were given a JEFDOC reference number. A separate EFFDOC reference number was given to fusion or activation related documents within the EFF collaboration. Even though the JEFF collaboration now encompasses the former JEF and EFF efforts, these two referencing systems remain today within JEFF. Over 3000 references are available today, and these keep growing.

Access to JEFDOCS and EFFDOCS is password protected. Credentials to access are granted to all JEFF participants and to all NEA member country nationals upon request.

Don't have access to JEF/EFF docs? Request access to:

Current Mandate (2015-2018)

The current NEA mandate for the JEFF collaboration was approved by the NEA Management Board for the Development, Application and Validation of Nuclear Data and Codes (MBDAV) for the period 2015-2018. The present mandate covers the preparation of JEFF-3.3 release.

JEFF-3.3 Mandate (2015-2018)


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