Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 78

Complete issue


Right of Innocent Passage of Ships Carrying Ultra-hazardous Cargoes by Miguel Sousa Ferro


Insurance Coverage for Third Party Liability and Material Damage Arising from Nuclear Incidents Caused by Terrorist Acts by the NEA

Case law


Judgement of the Court of Appeal of Limoges Concerning the Dumping of Radioactive Waste by Areva NC (2006)


Judgement on Plans for the Dismantling of Barsebäck (2006)

United Kingdom

Judgement of Carlisle Crown Court Concerning a Leak at Sellafield (2006)

United States

Judgement of the US Court of Appeals Regarding Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel (2006)

European Union

Judgement of the European Court of Justice on Uranium Enrichment (2006)

National legislative and regulatory activities


Amendment to the Royal Order on the Scientific Board for Ionising Radiation (2006)

Amendment to the Royal Order on Radiation Protection (2006)

Amendment to the Royal Order Establishing General Regulations for the Protection of the Public, Workers and the Environment Against the Dangers of Ionising Radiation (2006)

Directives on the Use of Walk-through Radioactivity Detectors in the Non-nuclear Sector (2006)

Directives on the Use of X-rays for Medical Purposes - Dosimetry of Patients (2006)

Order on the Appointment of Safety Advisors for the Transport of Dangerous Goods (2006)


Decree Implementing the Co-operation Agreement for the Promotion of Nuclear Science and Technology in Latin America and the Caribbean (2006)


Regulations Amending the Nuclear Security Regulations (2006)


Decree Establishing Criteria Governing the Nomination, Clearance and Swearing in of Radiation Protection Inspectors (2006)

Order on Dosimetric Information to Be Contained in Written Reports of Medical Acts Involving Ionising Radiation (2006)


Regulations on Radiometric Control of Goods and Vehicles on the State Border (2005)

Amendment of the 2001 Regulations on the Procedure for the Issue of a Special Permit (Licence) (2006)

Amendment of the 2001 Regulations on the Procedure for Packaging and Marking of Ionising Radiation Sources (2006)

Amendment of the 2001 Regulations on Activities involving Ionising Radiation Sources Which do not Require a Special Permit (Licence) or Permit (2006)

Republic of Moldova

Law on the Safe Deployment of Nuclear and Radiological Activities (2006)


Decree Granting a State Guarantee to CNESTEN (2006)


Amendments to the Act on Radiation Protection and Use of Radiation (2005)


Decision on Procedures for Environmental Impact Assessment(2006)

Amendment of the Ordinance on the Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste (2006)

Slovak Republic

Act on Public Healthcare (2006)

Act establishing a Nuclear Decommissioning Fund (2006)

Act on Environmental Impact Assessment (2006)


Regulation on Approved Experts for Radiation and Nuclear Safety (2006)

Regulation on the Classification of Radioactive Waste (2006)


Decree on the Control of High-activity Sealed Radioactive Sources and Orphan Sources (2006)

Order on Activities in the Front End of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (2005)

Decree-Law on Urgent Reforms to Promote Productivity and Improve Public Contracting (2005)

Law on Reforms for the Promotion of Productivity (2005)


Second Set of Ordinances on Nuclear Energy (2006)

International regulatory activities

International Atomic Energy Agency

Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management - Second Review Meeting (2006)

Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage - International Expert Group on Nuclear Liability (INLEX)

Resolutions Adopted By the IAEA General Conference (2006)

IAEA 50th General Conference – Special Event – New Framework for the Utilisation of Nuclear Energy: Assurances of Supply and Non-proliferation

European Union

Communication of the European Commission on Verification of Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring Facilities (2006)

Commission Recommendation on the Efficient Use of Nuclear Decommissioning Funds (2006)

Council Decision on ITER (2006)

Bibiliography and News briefs

Germany, Sweden, NEA, INLA

List of correspondents

Last reviewed: 3 October 2008