Nuclear Risk Communication Training Course (RCTC)
RCTC, UAE 2023

The Risk Communication Training Course (RCTC) is an annual course organised by the NEA focusing on communicating risk on a daily basis. Its aim is to improve the effectiveness of risk communication in order to enhance public understanding. It provides communication and technical professionals working in relevant public organisations (regulatory bodies, technical safety organisations, agencies for radioactive waste management, etc.) with the fundamentals of risk communication.

The objectives of the RCTC:

  • To provide practical tools and techniques to both communicators and technical staff in order for them to better communicate with the public about nuclear and radiological risks.
  • To present, analyse and discuss the history and nuances of risk communication in the nuclear sector, and to gather the key lessons learnt from past events in nuclear history.
  • To transfer the knowledge and experience to those with a communications or engagement role.
  • To learn how to use plain language and terms that would help the public understand the risk of the nuclear and radiological sector.
  • To ensure that participants will be able to design a clear risk communications plan for a specific issue in accordance with recommended best practices.
  • To learn and understand how to identify target audiences to communicate risk proactively to different segments of the public.
  • To provide participants with a critical view of different national communication strategies, best practices, and their evolution, to reach a better understanding of their commonalities and differences, and to try and establish a common framework that considers the differences in how various countries communicate, taking into account different cultural norms.
  • To develop and strengthen an international network of personnel involved in risk communication, including communication specialists and technical staff.
  • To evaluate the participants’ understanding about the training course concepts through a quiz and a final project group work.

The programme:

Preceded by e-learning ahead of the course, the four-day in-person programme includes sessions dedicated to discussing the importance of risk communication for nuclear organisations, effective risk communication, as well as the techniques, tools and channels in nuclear and radiological risk communication. The programe also includes group discussions, as well as preparation and presentation of a final project. 

Who can apply?

The RCTC is intended for professionals working in nuclear regulatory organisations, technical safety organisations, radioactive waste management agencies and other related organisations, early or mid-career, who are responsible for communicating (or engaging) with the public and decision makers on nuclear and radiological risks and associated topics:

  • Communication professionals (directors, managers, officers, communication advisors, etc.).
  • Technical staff members involved in nuclear safety, nuclear security, environmental protection, waste management, radiation safety, radiological protection, safeguards or from related areas that have a role in the communications chain.


The RCTC is held in English.

Testimonials from previous years' participants:

The programme was excellent content-wise.

Very nice and interesting to meet all leaders and participants at the course! Good to learn from each other!

The big win was to meet and speak with others, that was great.

All lecturers spent their free time with the participants, made an effort in remembering our names, organisations and countries.

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