Working Party on Management and Organisational Aspects of Decommissioning and Legacy Management (WPMO)
Dismantling of the Dounreay fast reactor research and development centre, United Kingdom (Dounreay Site Restoration Limited [DSRL] and Nuclear Decommissioning Authority [NDA])

The WPMO was created in March 2021 to address management and organisational issues for decommissioning of nuclear installations and legacy management projects as a working grpup of the Committee on Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations and Legacy Management (CDLM). To address the broad scope of cross-cutting issues, the working party incorporates areas such as programme and project management, cost, scheduling and funding issues, supply chain considerations, societal impact, communication, people and organisational structures and development (including change management), knowledge management and record keeping, education and training of staff.

The activities of WPMO are grouped into three focus areas:

  1. Programme management
  • Programme and project management (including cost, scheduling and funding issues);
  • People and organisation
    • Organisational development, management & governance, including change management;
    • Human resource development (including training & education issues, and competency management);
  • Knowledge management and record keeping (including appropriate strategies and approaches to implement this)
  1. Supply chain considerations, commercial aspects
  • Relationships with the supply chain, including partnering and the choice of contracting models, and the allocation of responsibilities and work between the client organisation and the supply chain, as well as systems for information transfer and quality management;
  • Cost effectiveness, cost optimisation including choice of ‘make / buy’ strategy (self-performing versus using supply chain), and the interactions between cost, schedule, and duration;
  • Procurement processes, including the processes themselves and approaches used in the selection and evaluation of suppliers, as well as specific.
  1. Stakeholder engagement
  • Engagement and communication with internal and external stakeholders to better understand the interests, values and needs of stakeholders;
  • Societal aspects (including socioeconomic impacts) of decommissioning and legacy management;
  • Addressing stakeholder requirements and expectations.

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