Third NEA Stakeholder Involvement Workshop on Optimisation in Decision Making
Background and objectives

Optimisation has always been a fundamental concept in decision making for all parts of society, but the way decisions are taken has changed in recent years. Societal considerations towards nuclear-related activities have evolved to promote more holistic, inclusive and sustainable decision-making perspectives. Including these perspectives addresses the need to integrate many diverse aspects and stakeholder views, notably those of civil society, to reach more balanced and “optimised” (i.e. better) decisions. As countries aim to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, this need is growing and should also account for national/cultural contexts and the complex interplay between economic, environmental, health and societal aspects.

In line with its pioneering role in encouraging these developments through various workshops, the NEA will hold its Third Stakeholder Involvement Workshop in September 2023. Focused on “Optimisation in Decision Making”, this workshop will be an important step in proposing a common, tangible approach to decision-making processes in the nuclear field and across NEA member countries (and beyond). The ultimate goal is to reach a sustainable, transparent and widely accepted decision-making process that balances the different factors and risks, depending on the prevailing circumstances, and to identify the optimal solution(s) for all stakeholders and society as a whole.

Practical information


The registration for in-person participation is closed. For more information, please contact

Registration for online participation is open until 1 September 2023. Please note that online participation will not allow for full involvement in all discussions based on technical limitations and should be considered as observer role mainly. Interested participants are invited to register online.



OECD Conference Centre (OECD Headquarters)

2 rue André Pascal

75016 Paris



Hotel and travel information

Information on how to best access the workshop venue is available on the OECD website.

Detailed information about planning your trip to France and a list of hotels near the venue are available here.



The workshop will be attended by stakeholders representing government, industry, academic and research institutions and NGOs from NEA member countries and beyond, as well as international organisations.