Enhancing the NEA Shielding Integral Benchmark Archive and Database (SINBAD)

SINBAD TF Meeting 03 04 2023

Members of the EGPRS Task Force working on SINBAD during the first review meeting on 3 April 2023

The NEA Shielding Integral Benchmark Archive and Database (SINBAD) is comprised of 102 benchmarks that serve to validate simulations related to radiation shielding of nuclear reactors, accelerators and fusion systems. Its experimental data provide the basis for reliable radiation protection planning and simulation of material ageing. SINBAD development is currently executed on a GitLab platform hosted by the NEA Data Bank.

SINBAD is maintained and developed by a new Task Force under the auspices of the Expert Group on Physics of Reactor Systems (EGPRS) of the Working Party on Scientific Issues and Uncertainty Analysis of Reactor Systems (WPRS). During its first review meeting, on 3 April 2023, the Task Force members agreed to open the current NEA GitLab development platform for SINBAD users during its next release cycle, granting them access to the stable and in-development entries of the database. Users will also have the possibility to propose improvements to SINBAD via GitLab merge request workflows. This new development process based on crowdsourcing will ensure transparency and traceability on the database.

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