Introduction to nuclear data processing with FRENDY

Dates: 12-13 April 2023

  • Wednesday, 12 April 2023: lectures
  • Thursday, 13 April 2023: practice

Location: Online course, 9:00-13:00 (CEST, UTC+02:00, Paris time) 

Course fee: 50 EUR
Registration deadline: 17 March 2023


This FRENDY training course is taught in English by the FRENDY developer, from the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), assisted by a professor from the University of Fukui. 

The course is designed for beginners.

Overview of FRENDY

FRENDY (FRom Evaluated Nuclear Data librarY to any application) is a system to process evaluated nuclear data library and generate cross-section library for transport codes. Features of FRENDY:

1) Simple input format

2) Extensible and modular

3) Open source software (2-clause BSD license)

FRENDY can also treat NJOY input files without modifications. Therefore, NJOY users can easily introduce FRENDY in their processing system.

FRENDY version 1 only generates the ACE files, which are used for continuous energy Monte Carlo codes such as MCNP, PHITS and Serpent. In the newly released version 2, a multi-group neutron cross section generation module based on ACE files has been developed.

To download FRENDY, please access:

Short description of the FRENDY course

The targeted audience of this FRENDY training course is beginners in nuclear data processing. This training course explains how to generate the ACE and multi-group cross-section files.

The FRENDY training course will cover the following topics:

1) Overview of nuclear data processing

Nuclear data processing is important to connect the nuclear data to particle transport calculation codes. However, many people have limited understanding of the nuclear data processing. This training course will first give an overview of the nuclear data processing. Participants will thus understand why nuclear data processing is an important step, and the meaning of the input parameters.

2) Generation of ACE and multi-group cross-section files using FRENDY

This training course will then explain how to generate ACE and multi-group cross section files using FRENDY. The original input format of FRENDY is very simple. This training course explains the original input format and recommendation values for the input parameters. This training course will explain how to modify the xsdir file to run MCNP, PHITS, and Serpent. Users have to modify the xsdir file to use ACE files, and the modification of the xsdir file is difficult for beginners.