Summary and Conclusions of the Joint PKL-ATLAS Workshop on Analytical Activities Related to the NEA PKL-4 and ATLAS-2 Projects

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Since 2001, the NEA has supported the Senior Expert Group on Safety Research Thermal-hydraulics (SETH), the Primärkreislauf-Versuchsanlage - Primary Coolant Loop Test Facility (PKL), PKL-2 and PKL-3 collaborative projects to investigate thermal-hydraulic safety issues for current pressurised water reactor (PWR) and new PWR design concepts through experiments at the integral test facility PKL. Similarly, since 2014 the NEA has supported the Advanced Thermal-Hydraulic Test Loop for Accident Simulation (ATLAS) collaborative project to address thermal-hydraulic safety and accident management issues relevant to water reactors, by means of experiments at the ATLAS test facility. Due to the links between the two programmes, the Management Boards (MBs) of both projects decided in 2018 to organise a joint workshop of related analytical activities.

This workshop, sponsored by the Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI) of the NEA and the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) of Spain, took place in Barcelona, Spain, at the premises of the Technical University of Catalonia, from 7 to 9 November 2018.

This report presents the summary of the main conclusions of the presentations, comments, recommendations and suggestions raised at the general discussion of each session and the general conclusions of the workshop.