Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities Safety Week at the NEA

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Safety Week

The Nuclear Energy Agency hosted a series of events dedicated to the safety of nuclear fuel cycle facilities (FCF) from 26 September to 4 October 2022.

The week began with the launching of the bi-annual meeting of member countries who co-operate and contribute to the joint IAEA/NEA Fuel Incident Notification and Analysis System (FINAS).

FINAS is an international system, established in 1992, through which participating countries from 36 member countries exchange operating experience and lessons learned to improve the safety of nuclear fuel cycle facilities. The system is jointly managed by the IAEA and the NEA. More than 30 national co-ordinators in the FINAS meeting analysed and drew conclusions on the lessons learned from recent operational events at FCF.

edited group photo

This meeting was followed by the NEA annual meeting of the Working Group on Fuel Cycle Safety and the OECD NEA International Workshop on Process and Safety Improvements Experienced in Fuel Cycle Facilities since 2010.

Representatives of member states and international experts discussed the ways to maintain high FCF safety and to engage in productive international co-operation. The expert group concluded that automation, sensors and cameras are trademarks for modern safe FCF. Following this, the group also affirmed support for the  NEA to shape its related research priorities for the coming years, setting the radar on the safety of nuclear fuel production facilities, long-term spent fuel storages and spent fuel reprocessing options for future innovative small modular reactors

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