Training event on Monte Carlo methods and radiation physics with the PENELOPE code

Computer work

The NEA Data Bank organised a PENELOPE training course at the University of Barcelona in Spain on 11-15 July 2022. This course provided an in-depth review of Monte Carlo methods for the simulation of electron and photon transport, along with an introduction to the PENELOPE graphical interface, PENGUIN. The PENELOPE code is of particular interest for radiation physics researchers and is also widely used for medical physics. The workshop attracted 12 participants from seven countries and was led by the lead developers of the PENELOPE and PENGUIN codes. The NEA Data Bank Computer Program Services organises several training sessions every year, contributing to the dissemination of state of the art codes and engaging the nuclear community. These week-long courses provide a unique opportunity to bring together code users from around the globe and facilitate exchanges on the use of computer codes. Further information on the NEA Data Bank training courses is available here.

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