NEST BEAST Webinar: Building Basic Knowledge

The webinar served as a kick-off meeting for the NEST fellows and the organisations participating in the NEST Building competence, Expert knowledge, Applied techniques, Safe decommissioning, Train fellows (BEAST) project. This project targets postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and young professionals who intend to work in the field of nuclear decommissioning and waste management. Each participating organisation gave a lecture on:

  • Radiological characterisation of nuclear facilities and decontamination technologies;
  • Clearance of buildings and radioactive waste;
  • Characterisation of radioactive waste, especially legacy waste;
  • Final disposal of radioactive waste.

The webinar marked the first step in providing training and networking to NEST fellows and will be followed-up by additional training and networking events as an opportunity to further expand the participants' knowledge, competencies, and network.

  • SCK CEN, Belgium
  • ENEA, Italy
  • CEA, France
  • RWTH Aachen, Germany

The agenda of the NEST BEAST Webinar: Building Basic Knowledge can be found here.