Expert Group on comparison and understanding of Dose Prognosis (EGDP)

Nuclear emergency preparedness and response management are essential components to ensure safety and radiation protection in any nuclear or non-nuclear country. While international guidelines for emergency preparedness and response exist, national procedures and practices may have differences based on national habits, cultural specificities, and societal needs.

In order to allow member countries to collaboratively address the issue of improving cross-border co-ordination through a common understanding of the factors that influence dose projection codes and result in different outputs, the Expert Group on comparison and understanding of Dose Prognosis (EGDP) was established by the Working Party on Nuclear Emergency Matters (WPNEM) in the 43rd WPNEM meeting held in 2018. The EGDP supports the WPNEM mission.

Meanwhile, EGDP is also in line with the purpose of CRPPH on "promoting international cooperation on specific radiation protection and radiation-related public health topics of interest to NEA member states". Therefore, the development of the EGDP work as shown in the timeline below will produce significant outcomes to improve NEA member country readiness in the radiation emergency preparedness and response area.


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