Enhancing public trust and risk communication


Nuclear Regulatory Organisations (NROs) need to be sure of their communication abilities not only during a crisis but throughout their normal activities. In this context, the NEA Working Group on Public Communication of Nuclear Regulatory Organisations (WGPC) has, for over 20 years, provided a forum for nuclear regulatory organisation communicators and outreach officers to exchange information, experience, and best practices.

The group held its biannual plenary meeting on 3-4 May 2022 to discuss its ongoing work and the progress made in activities on public trust and risk communication.

The group is finalising its companion piece to the 2014 report The Characteristics of an Effective Nuclear Regulator. The Working Group also plans to hold the first Nuclear Risk Communication Training Course, hosted by the Slovakian nuclear regulator UJD in Bratislava this December.

Participants also presented national updates on their recent communication approaches and lessons learnt from communicating with the public about the situation in Ukraine.

Considering the current challenges in building and maintaining internal trust via hybrid and digital work environments, the group also invited external lecturers from Gartner and WiN Global to present their practices and exchanged ideas interactively.

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