ID 7
Type G - General request
Target 26-Fe-56
Reaction (n,xn)
Quantity SIG - Cross section DA/DE - Double differential probability distribution by angle and energy
Incident energy 7 MeV - 20 MeV
Accuracy 30 %
Secondary Energy/Angle 1MeV-20MeV
Field(s) Fission, ADS
Subfield Shielding, Medical, SNS
Accepted date 16-Apr-2007
Status Archived
Latest review date 28-Apr-2022


Project (context)

JEFF, Model calculations


New double differential experimental data for the Fe(n,xn) reaction will allow a crucial test of the pre-equilibrium models underlying neutron transport libraries for spallation neutron sources. They will thereby enhance the confidence in neutron transport calculations for spallation neutron sources such as envisioned for accelerator driven systems.


30% for the double-differential spectra

Justification document

A global pre-equilibrium analysis from 7 to 200 MeV based on the optical model potential, A.J. Koning and M.C. Duijvestijn, Nucl. Phys. A744, 15 (2004).

Comment from requester

There are hundreds of (p,xp) and (p,xn) spectra in the 20-200 MeV range available, several (n,xp) spectra, but there are basically no double-differential (n,xn) spectra available. The presence of such data would heavily constrain the pre-equilibrium model parameters and thereby result in a much better prediction of neutron-induced spectra in the entire 50-200 MeV range. Since high-energy spectra are rather structureless the choice of target is less essential.

Entry status

Completed (as of SG-C review of May 2018) - The experimental program performed at Uppsala [Sagrado:2011] combined with improvements in nuclear reaction models allow modern evaluations to address this request, see e.g. [Herman:2018].

Main recent references

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  • I.C. Sagrado Garcia et al., Neutron production in neutron-induced reactions at 96 MeV on 56Fe and 208Pb, PRC 84 (2011) 044619


  • M. Herman et al., Evaluation of Neutron Reactions on Iron Isotopes for CIELO and ENDF/B-VIII.0, NDS 148 (2018) 214