The NEST Framework celebrates its two-year anniversary

NEST Management Board meeting, 9-10 March 2021

Building a talent pipeline in any sector requires long-term investment and strategic vision. For the nuclear field, international co-operation is also key so that the new generations of nuclear professionals and leaders are equipped with the necessary skills and tacit knowledge in order to ensure the continued safe and efficient use of nuclear technologies for a wide range of industrial, scientific and medical purposes.

In this context, the Nuclear Education, Skills and Technology (NEST) Framework was launched in February 2019 thanks to the collective effort of ten NEA member countries. The framework aims to build up skills vital for the future of the nuclear sector through multilateral co-operation.

The NEST Management Board met virtually on 9-10 March 2021 to discuss the ongoing progress made in six NEST Projects and the challenges posed to NEST activities by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The board re-elected Andreas Pautz, Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland, as Chair for an additional two years.

The board also welcomed interactions and co-operation with the recently established NEA Global Forum on Education, Science, Technology and Nuclear Policy, which provides a platform for sustained co-operation amongst academic institutions, policy makers and stakeholders. Together with NEST, the Global Forum will strengthen the role of the Agency in nuclear education and capacity building, while providing support and policy advice to NEA member countries in addressing their nuclear education challenges.

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