IRPhE Handbook restrictions and disclaimer

Restrictions on the use of data distributed from the International Handbook of Evaluated Reactor Physics Benchmark Experiments (IRPhE) Project

Authors and their establishments must be consulted if an organisation receiving data intends to use them to provide commercial service to outside users.

Data are provided on the understanding that the agreement of the originating establishment shall be obtained before a service is offered involving sale or use on a fee-paying basis of any data set distributed within the IRPhE Project. This restriction applies also to modified versions of such data.

Transfer of data to a user in a given establishment confers only the right to use the data within that organisation: in particular, copies of data should not be distributed to persons outside their own establishment; users in other centres should contact IRPhEP management directly in order to obtain copies.

Data are provided by the IRPhE Project on the understanding that whenever the use of the data results in a publication (in a journal, conference proceedings, laboratory report, book etc.), the IRPhE Handbook and the authors and laboratory of origin of the data shall be acknowledged in the publication.


The evaluations made available contain the data, i.e. the detailed geometry data and the detailed fuel data of specific experimental facilities. These data are guaranteed to be applicable only to the specific experimental program compiled. In other words, they are not effective for any other experimental programs performed in the facility.

Neither the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) or any of its member countries, nor any person acting either on behalf of any of them or otherwise in furtherance of the activities of the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) assumes any liabilities with respect to the use of, or for damage resulting from the use of, any information, method or process disclosed in the distributed material.

This also applies to non-member countries and Organisations that have contributed to the distributed information.

Feedback on IRPhE Project data

Recipients of the IRPhE Handbook are invited to report back to IRPhE project management with the following information concerning:

  • errors or shortcomings detected
  • inconsistencies found in the data and their evaluation
  • information on use made for validations carried out and performance.

This information will be used to inform the authors and evaluators and where required to introduce improvements or corrections in order to maintain the quality of the IRPhE Handbook.