Contracting Parties to the Paris Convention meet remotely

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The Contracting Parties to the  Paris Convention on Third Party Liability in the Field of Nuclear Energy met remotely on 20 March 2020 to discuss the interpretation and implementation of this Convention and the  Brussels Convention Supplementary to the Paris Convention.

The following documents listed below have been posted online:

Also now available is the  NEA Steering Committee for Nuclear Energy Recommendation concerning the definition of "Radioisotopes Which Have Reached the Final Stage of Fabrication" in the Paris Convention. The purpose of this recommendation is to strengthen the common understanding with regard to the definition of the term "final stage of fabrication" in Article 1(a)(iv) of the Paris Convention, and with regard to the temporal effect of the exclusion of radioisotopes which have reached the final stage of fabrication. The principle is that once the radioisotopes have reached the final stage of fabrication and have left the nuclear installation where they reached that stage (i.e. the "nuclear installation of origin"), they will no longer be covered by the Paris Convention. The  English and  French versions of this document are available  here.
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