CSNI Programme Review Group holds its first virtual meeting

CSNI Programme Review Group meeting, 27-28 April 2020

CSNI Programme Review Group (PRG) annual review meeting, 27‑28 April 2020.

The NEA Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI) relies on a group of senior experts, called the CSNI Programme Review Group (PRG), to help ensure the quality of its reports and the alignment of its activities with strategic priorities. The group is comprised of senior experts with broad programmatic experience and high‑level responsibilities in nuclear safety technology and research.
Recognising that it is important that the CSNI's programme of work continues, the PRG held its annual review meeting on 27‑28 April 2020 by video conference. While the meeting was reduced to 3‑hour sessions in order to respect the different time zones in which PRG members live, the group was very content to have been able to review 12 technical reports, eight proposals for new activities and four proposals for new research projects. These included a forthcoming report on advancing the robustness of electrical power systems of nuclear power plants and a workshop on seismic input for rock sites in different regions of the world.
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