DATabase for IFpe (DATIF)
Screenshot of the DATIF app (beta version)

DATIF, the DATabase for IFpe, was first developed in 2018 by the NEA IT team and the Division of Nuclear Science, in order to enhance accessibility to the IFPE legacy collection of integral fuel performance experiments data, jointly put together by the NEA and the IAEA. This work was initiated, overviewed, and endorsed, by the EGRFP Expert Group on Reactor Fuel Performance under the auspices of the WPRS Working Party on scientific issues of Reactor Systems.


Currently the tool is available in its beta-version as a web-based java tool. It can be accessed both internally at the NEA and externally, and access is restricted to a limited number of individuals who (1) are members or participants to the EGRFP, (2) are recipients of the IFPE collection, (3) have volunteered to act as beta-testers for the tool. Users login using their NEA credentials; management of accesses is handled by the SCI staff.

DATIF currently contains data for 165 fuel rods corresponding to 15 experiments. This is to be compared with the full IFPE collection which contains ~ 1500 rods from ~90 experiments.

Although initially developed to host the IFPE collection, DATIF has been considered from the start as a potential repository for other sources of data. Such sources could cover data from IAEA FUMEX/FUMAC exercises, legacy data from the HRP, and new data resulting from the FIDES programme of work.



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