IGSC Symposium
IGSC Symposium 2018, Rotterdam, Netherlands

The NEA Integration Group for the Safety Case (IGSC) has been organising a series of symposia focusing on the development of a competent and robust safety case since 2007, in co‑operation with other international organisations.


The symposium focuses on the technical aspects of the safety case for the post‑closure phase of deep geological repositories. The interplay of technical feasibility, engineering design issues, operational and post‑closure safety and non‑technical challenges such as safety case communication are explored.


The main objective of this symposium is to share practical experiences on preparing, developing, documenting and reviewing a safety case from both, the implementers' and reviewers' perspectives. Others include:

  • to learn from national programmes about issues concerning the siting, construction, operation and post-closure phases;
  • to identify potential challenges that may arise as a repository programme matures and the safety case moves to represent an actual facility and inventory;
  • to understand different players' perspectives on safety case communication, i.e. implementers, regulators and communities;
  • to exchange useful information for developing work programmes through international co‑operation.
Publications and reports

IGSC Symposium 2024

Moving towards the construction of a safe DGR – Getting real

8-11 October 2024, Budapest, Hungary

Hosted by PURAM

IGSC Symposium 2018

Current Understanding and Future Direction for the Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste

10-11 October 2018, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Hosted by COVRA, Co-organised by EC and IAEA
Sponsored by CNSC, BGE-Technology, Nagra, NUMO, Quintessa, RWM and VTT

IGSC Symposium 2013

2013 State of the Art

7-9 October 2013, Paris, France

Co-organised by EC and IAEA

IGSC Symposium 2007

Safety Cases for the Deep Disposal of Radioactive Waste: Where Do We Stand?

23-25 January 2007, Paris, France

Co-organised by EC and IAEA



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Zhuoran LI