Ad hoc Expert Group on Trends in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (TNFC)
Nuclear power reactor fuel assembly. Photo: RIA Novosti.

The renewed interest in the environmental and energy security advantages of nuclear energy has led to a spur of new thinking in the development of technologies such as Generation IV and P&T. The advent of generation III, III+ and IV reactors require changes in fuel fabrication, reprocessing, waste conditioning, etc. 

This Expert Group was set up to investigate trends in the latest progress and the future trajectories in nuclear fuel cycle (NFC). The scope of the study covered a comprehensive review of existing publications and assessment of advancements in NFC technologies, ongoing global, international initiatives, progress and programmes of individual country, with in-depth analyses of specific case studies.

Whilst trends in the aforementioned features – from the past to today, to what will be required tomorrow – were underlined from a technological perspective, particular emphasis was placed on policy and strategy issues and the reciprocal influence on the course of technological progress, as well as sustainability aspects associated with the nuclear fuel cycle, such as long-term supply of fuel resources, radioactive waste management and potential links to nuclear proliferation.

Publications and reports