International Workshop on the Full Costs of Electricity Provision

Welcome remark, William Magwood D.G. (NEA) & Jaejoo Ha, Head of Nuclear Development Division (NEA)

Session 1. Introduction


The full costs of electricity provision, Marc Deffrennes and Jan Horst Keppler (NEA)

Overview of past work and recent advances in assessing the full costs of electricity provision, Stefan Hirschberg (PSI)

European Commission research programmes: From ExternE and NEEDs to more recent activities, Doris Neumann (EC)

Session 2. Plant-level costs


Defining plant-level costs, Geoffrey Rothwell (NEA)

Synthesis on the plant-level cost of nuclear, William D'haeseleer (University of Leuven)

Session 3. System costs


System costs: An introduction, Marco Cometto (NEA)

Technical and economic analysis of the European electricity system with 60% RES, Alain Burtin (EDF)

Session 4. The costs of climate change


Estimating the cost of climate change using the optimal cost of control methodology, Jan Horst Keppler (NEA)

From cost of control to cost of inaction: Overview of the CIRCLE project, Olivier Durand-Lasserve (OECD ENV)

Session 5. The costs of air pollution


The costs of environmental pollution, Rainer Friedrich (University of Stuttgart)

The cost of air pollution, Nils Axel Braathen (OECD Environment)

Session 6. The costs of major accidents


The costs of major accidents: An introduction, Marco Cometto (NEA)

Consequences of accidents in the energy sector, Stefan Hirschberg (PSI)