Country-Specific Safety Culture Forum (CSSCF)


The event examines how nuclear safety culture is affected by the national cultural context of the country operating a nuclear facility. It brings together experts representing both the nuclear industry and the regulatory authority in the host country, with the objective of helping organizations maintain a healthy safety culture for the safe operations of nuclear installations and for effective regulatory activities.

Experience has shown that the manifestation of cultural aspects – such as communication styles, the importance of hierarchy or of individuality – in organisational behaviours are important to the development of a healthy safety culture. Realising the goal of an optimal safety culture requires an appreciation and consideration of national context.

This appreciation requires considerable introspection into such issues, and the NEA is pleased to provide a framework to facilitate these important considerations. 

Annual Workshops

The CSSCF  convenes annually by a national workshop. 

  • The first workshop in a national context was held in Sweden (2018). The purpose of this forum was to create awareness on potential safety culture challenges related to national context, with the objective of helping organisations maintain a healthy safety culture for safe operations of nuclear installations and for effective regulatory activities. The event brought together over 60 experts from the Swedish nuclear community and international observers from France, Finland, Japan, Korea, South Africa and the United States, representing the industry and regulatory organisations. Find synthesis documents and presentations here.
  • The second workshop in a national context was held in Finland (2019). That  Country-Specific Safety Culture Forum, helped to deepen our understanding of how the national context can influence nuclear safety culture and day-to-day operations. This event was only possible as a result of the outstanding contributions of our partners at WANO and the excellent support of the host organisation, the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK). It was also made possible by the committed contributions of many people from the Finnish nuclear community who participated in this project. The team that developed, organised and co-ordinated the multitude of elements associated with this forum worked intensively to achieve the outcome and should be proud of their contributions. Synthesis documents and presentations here.

Publications and reports


Natalie Bonilla