Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT)

The CTBT bans all nuclear explosions anywhere on Earth whether for military or peaceful purposes.

  • Adopted: 10 September 1996
  • Entered into force: not yet in force
  • Ratifications: 177 (see table below).
  • Signatures: 187 (all of which are members of the "Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization" in Vienna, Austria)
  • Annex 2 states that have signed and ratified the Treaty: 35 (44 states required) (not ratified: China (People's Republic of), Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Russia and the United States.)

The text of the CTBT is available here.

The current status of the CTBT is available here.

The following articles related to the CTBT were published in the Nuclear Law Bulletin:

  • Comprehensive Ban on Nuclear Tests, by J. Bourgois (NLB 59, p. 7).
  • The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty – Eight Years After the Opening of the Treaty for Signature: What is the Situation?, by G. Le Goff and D. Rousseau (NLB 74, p. 9).


Contracting States to the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty  
Afghanistan Congo Honduras Monaco Seychelles
Albania Cook Islands Hungary* Mongolia Sierra Leone
Algeria Costa Rica Iceland Montenegro Singapore
Andorra Côte d'Ivoire Indonesia Morocco Slovak Republic*
Angola Croatia Iraq Mozambique Slovenia*
Antigua and Barbuda Cuba Ireland Myanmar Solomon Islands
Argentina* Cyprus Italy Namibia South Africa*
Armenia* Czechia* Jamaica Nauru Spain*
Australia Democratic Republic of the Congo Japan* Netherlands* Sri Lanka
Austria Denmark Jordan New Zealand Sudan
Azerbaijan Djibouti Kazakhstan Nicaragua Suriname
Bahamas Dominica Kenya Niger Sweden*
Bahrain Dominican Republic Kiribati Nigeria Switzerland*
Bangladesh Ecuador Korea* Niue Tajikistan
Barbados El Salvador Kuwait North Macedonia Tanzania
Belarus* Equatorial Guinea Kyrgyzstan Norway Thailand
Belgium* Eritrea Lao People's Democratic Republic Oman Timor-Leste
Belize Estonia Latvia Palau Togo
Benin Eswatini Lebanon Palestinian Authority Trinidad and Tobago
Bolivia Ethiopia Lesotho Panama Tunisia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Fiji Liberia Paraguay Türkiye
Botswana Finland* Libya Peru Turkmenistan
Brazil* France* Liechtenstein Philippines Tuvalu
Brunei Darussalam Gabon Lithuania Poland Uganda
Bulgaria* Gambia Luxembourg Portugal Ukraine*
Burkina Faso Georgia Madagascar Qatar United Arab Emirates*
Burundi Germany Malawi Romania* United Kingdom*
Cabo Verde Ghana Malaysia Rwanda Uruguay
Cambodia Greece Maldives Saint Kitts and Nevis Uzbekistan
Cameroon Grenada Mali Saint Lucia Vanuatu
Canada* Guatemala Malta Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Venezuela
Central African Republic Guinea Marshall Islands Samoa Viet Nam
Chad Guinea-Bissau Mauritania San Marino Zambia
Chile Guyana Mexico* Sao Tome and Prinicipe Zimbabwe
Colombia Haiti Micronesia Senegal  
Comoros Holy See Moldova Serbia  

* Country with at least one nuclear power plant in operation.