Achievements and Challenges in Nuclear Regulatory Communication with the Public

Outcome from the CNRA Workshops held in 2000, 2004 and 2007

After having identified that the public trust towards the regulators could be very different from one country to another even though they are neighbours, the NEA Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities (CNRA) has developed an activity in public communication and three successful international workshops have been held during this last decade:

  1. Paris, December 2000 - Investing in Trust: Nuclear Regulators and the Public.
  2. Ottawa, May 2004 - Building, Measuring and Improving Public Confidence.
  3. Tokyo, May 2007 - Transparency of Nuclear Regulatory Activities.

Collectively these workshops have illustrated valuable feedback experience can be exchanged amongst countries. The objective of this report is to:

  • summarise the lessons learned from the three CNRA workshops on public communication and related CNRA/WGPC activities over the past decade,
  • assess their influence on the developments of the different countries' approaches in public communication,
  • propose a way forward for future work.