Third Workshop on Science and Values in Radiological Protection and the Sixth Asian Regional Conference

This was an international forum for the exchange of information and experience among regulators, scientists and governmental and non-governmental organisations in radiological protection and public health.

 Following the 2008 and 2009 Science and Values workshops, contributing to the integration of new scientific and technological developments and socio-political considerations into radiological protection; and the five Asian Regional workshops held in Japan from 2002, addressing the development of ICRP-103, and its subsequent implementation in the International Basic Safety Standards;
This November 2012 workshop combines the best of both traditional events by:

  • Focusing on science and values as drivers of the evolution of the system of radiological protection, and
  • Showcasing input from Asian regional experts and from young scientists and professionals.

Alongside novel scientific and academic phenomena, issues like consent, equity, control and responsibility are also very important for defining and imposing appropriate radiological protection measures and criteria. Taking account of the Fukushima accident experience, these dimensions of science and values will be addressed by Asian and international delegates through three key topics:

  • Topic A : Assessment and Management of Low-Dose Exposures and Public Health
  • Topic B : Protection of Children and Self-Help Behaviour Approaches
  • Topic C : Non-Cancer Effects
Workshop Objectives

To better understand how science and values aspects may influence the evolution of the system of radiological protection, and to better understand how science and values aspects should be included and transparently articulated in radiological protection decision-making.

Format of the Workshop

A special plenary session will review the Fukushima accident experience, shedding light on the interplay in radiation protection of both scientific/technical and societal challenges. Young professionals and Asian experts will feature prominently. The workshop will also include discussion of the three topics listed on page 1, through plenary presentations of science aspects and of values aspects, and through moderated parallel breakout sessions, based on a set of common questions (see end of this document).


Tokyo University (Hongo Campus)  

Co-organised by Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS)

Working language : English, with simultaneous Japanese-English and English-Japanese translation.

Breakout summaries

Topic 1: Assessment and Management of Low Dose/Dose-Rate Exposures and Public Health

Topic 2: Protection of Children and Self-Help Behavioural Approaches

Topic 3: Non-Cancer Effects