Expert Group on Radiological Protection Aspects of the Fukushima Accident (EGRPF)

The EGRPF is responsible for managing the work of the CRPPH and its sub-groups as it relates to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident. While this does not necessarily mean that the group will be responsible for performing the work itself, it does mean that all relevant work will be co-ordinated by the EGRPF. The May 2011 CRPPH meeting defined several issues as tasks to be performed and co-ordinated and agreed that once the group is formed it should meet and define a more detailed programme of work for submission to and approval by the CRPPH. The issues with which the group should begin its discussions are as follows:

  • questions from the CRPPH May 2011 Fukushima topical session
  • specific questions sent by the Japanese
  • collection of the fukushima experience
  • practical review of ICRP recommendations.