Legacy books and Proceedings

In line with its ambition to be a reference centre for knowledge preservation, the NEA Data Bank also offers the following legacy books from its collection.

If you would like to contribute to this collection, please contact the Computer Program Service at programs@oecd-nea.org.

Mathematics and computation; physics papers

  • MMRW: Canadian and early British Energy Reports on Nuclear Reactor Theory (1940-1946).
    Request should be submitted here.
  • MMRW-BOOKS: Legacy books (pdf format) on slowing down, thermalization, particle transport theory, random processes in reactors by Professor M.M.R. Williams.
    JDL-BOOKS: Legacy books (pdf format) on Importance: the adjoint function; on Reactor kinetics and control; and on Thermodynamics: frontiers and foundations by Dr. J.D. Lewins (review by Prof. Adrian Bejan, Duke University, Durham, NC).


Reactor physics


Reactor shielding