Preparatory Study on Analysis of Fuel Debris (PreADES) Project
Joint project

The Preparatory Study on Analysis of Fuel Debris (PreADES) project was proposed as a near-term project by the Senior Expert Group on Safety Research Opportunities Post-Fukushima (SAREF).

PreADES was established to collect methodology on fuel debris characterisation. The analysis obtained at the Fukushima Daiichi site will contribute towards future decommissioning of this plant, expand the knowledge base on severe accidents and serve as a framework for international research and development.

This project will focus on three tasks.  The first task is a joint study on fuel debris characterization properties in location. The second task is to identify and analyse fuel debris from a decommissioning point of view, taking into account criticality, containment, cooling function, radiation exposure, issues related to sampling analysis methods, facility demands, transportation, accounting, and hot testing facilities. The third task is to establish a research and development framework for international collaboration.

Members' area

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Canada, European Commission, France, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and United States

Project period

Dec 2017 - Dec 2021


EUR 275 K