International conventions and agreements under OECD/NEA auspices

The NEA performs depositary functions on behalf of the OECD Secretary-General for the following international agreements: 


Paris Convention on Nuclear Third Party Liability (Paris Convention or PC)  

Establishes a nuclear liability and compensation regime to compensate victims of a nuclear accident. The Paris Convention is open to OECD member countries as of right and non-member countries with the consent of all convention states.

Convention on the Establishment of a Security Control in the Field of Nuclear Energy (Security Control Convention) (967 KB)

Aims to prevent nuclear weapons proliferation arising from Agency activities.

Framework Agreement on a Multilateral Nuclear Environmental Programme in the Russian Federation (MNEPR)  

Provides a legal framework designed to promote co-operation in the field of the safety of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste management in the Russian Federation dealing with critical legal issues such as site access and tax exemption.

Protocol on Claims, Legal Proceedings and Indemnification To the Framework Agreement On a Multilateral Nuclear Environmental Programme in the Russian Federation (MNEPR Protocol)  

Ensures that claims against Contributing Parties and their personnel or contractors for any loss or damage arising from activities undertaken pursuant to the MNEPR Framework Agreement are not brought by the Russian Party and, if brought by a third party, are indemnified by the Russian Party.

Charter and Framework Agreement of the Generation IV International Forum (GIF)

Founding documents of the GIF, a framework for international co-operation in research and development for the next generation of nuclear energy systems.

Charter | Framework Agreement