JEFF Meetings, NEA

The Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion File (JEFF) Nuclear Data Library Project is a collaboration between NEA Data Bank participating countries. The JEFF library combines the efforts of its different working groups to produce a common set of evaluated nuclear data, mainly for fission and fusion applications.

All participants must go through an official participation approval

How to participate to the JEFF technical sessions :

  • Experts from participating countries are welcome to submit a request to participate in the JEFF technical sessions of April 27, 28 and 29;
  • If approved by the JEFF Co-ordination Group (JEFF CG), your participation with the status of invited expert will be notified to the Data Bank Management Committee and the Energy Advisors to the NEA of the permanent national delegation to the OECD;
  • The JEFF CG meeting (April 30) is open only to officially nominated national JEFF CG delegates and experts invited by the JEFF CG.


  • From February 17 until March 17, 2020 : Submit your request to participate in technical sessions;
  • March 27 : Notification of acceptance.
27 - 30 April 2020
NEA Conference Centre, Boulogne-Billancourt, France