International Workshop on Operating Experience (OPEX) Proceedings, Working Group on Operating Experience (WGOE)

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The main objective of this international workshop held in Madrid, Spain, on 24-26 April 2017, was to provide a forum to exchange information and allow groups of nuclear safety experts to discuss their national OPEX programmes, current challenges and good practices, so that other member countries could take account of them.

To identify the role of databases in the OPEX processes and programmes, the following was discussed during the workshop:

  • tailoring of databases to the requirements derived from the national OPEX programmes;
  • review of the rationale for the use of multiple databases and achieving the correct balance between generic and specific databases within the OPEX processes and programmes;
  • use of databases for routine and/or specific trending;
  • integration of OPEX feedback, including OPEX information from other countries, into databases.