The Nuclear Energy Agency–Paul Scherrer Institut Computational Fluid Dynamics Benchmark Exercise

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The OECD Nuclear Energy Agency-Paul Scherrer Institut (NEA-PSI) Benchmark was initiated to test the capability of state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and dedicated containment codes to predict the important physical processes occurring in a containment volume following a postulated severe accident in which there is a significant build-up of hydrogen in the containment atmosphere.
To provide a suitable experimental data base for the benchmark exercise, a new test was carried out during February-March 2013 within one, comprehensively instrumented vessel of the PANDA integral containment facility, located at PSI in Switzerland. The facility had been used in the past within the context of several NEA-sponsored benchmarking initiatives, and as a result the members of the PANDA experimental team have acquired considerable experience in performing containment tests of the type required here. However, some extra care was needed in this case: namely, that precise information on measurement error, jet injection boundary conditions, was provided in a consistent package, which made up the benchmark specifications. Also, the invitation to participate was made to a wider audience, since this test was 100% PSI funded.