Second Construction Experience Synthesis Report 2011-2014 - Working Group on the Regulationof New Reactors (WGRNR)

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The ConEx programme includes a database which contains events that have causes and/or lessons learnt related to problems introduced before the commercial operation of nuclear power plants and detected at any stage of the plant life (during design, fabrication, testing, operation and inspection). As such, this database includes many events at operating nuclear power plants caused by latent design and construction activities as well as events revealed during the construction and commissioning of new plants. In addition, the database may include events caused by the implementation of major design modifications at operating facilities if they result in lessons learnt for new builds.

Although the ConEx database is intended for use solely by participating nuclear regulatory organisations, this report was developed with the aim of serving all designers, vendors, licensees and regulators alike with the objective of maximise improvements to nuclear safety by helping to avoid recurrence.

This second report continues the path initiated by the First Construction Experience Synthesis Report  NEA/CNRA/R(2012)21 issued in May 2012 that provided a summary and brief on events and lessons derived from the first entries that were loaded in the ConEx database