International Comparison of a Depletion Calculation Benchmark on Fuel Cycle Issues: Results from Phase 1 on UOx Fuels

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The Expert Group on Reactor Physics and Advanced Nuclear Systems (EGRPANS) was created in 2011 to perform specific tasks associated with reactor physics aspects of present and future nuclear power systems. The EGRPANS provides expert advice to the WPRS and the nuclear community on the development needs (data and methods, validation experiments, scenario studies) for different reactor systems and also provides specific technical information regarding

  • core reactivity characteristics, including fuel depletion effects
  • core power/flux distributions
  • core dynamics and reactivity control

This report aims to create a reference case for UOx fuel and compare existing burn-up depletion calculations obtained with various codes and data libraries. These comparisons will be applied to fuel and back-end cycle configurations: transport, reprocessing, interim storage and waste repository.