The Long-Term Radiological Safety of a Surface Disposal Facility for Low-Level Waste in Belgium: An International Peer Review of Key Aspects of ONDRAF/NIRAS' Safety Report of November 2011 in Preparation for the License Application (Final Report)

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The Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) has an acknowledged role in organising independent, international peer reviews of national programmes and studies in the field of radioactive waste management. The NEA peer reviews assist national programmes to assess the work accomplished and identify feasible improvements. The review reports may also be of interest to other interested stakeholders with their comments on issues of general relevance. The objective of the present peer review was to provide a statement, from an international perspective, on the credibility and robustness of ONDRAF/NIRAS' long-term safety strategy and long-term safety assessment as part of the safety case to be submitted to teh Belgian Federal Agency for Nuclear Control. The present report represents the consensus view of the International Review Team.