Workshop on PSA for New and Advanced Reactors

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As stated in the mandate of the OECD/NEA Committee for the Safety of Nuclear Installations’ (CSNI) Working Group on Risk Assessment (WGRISK), the working group supports improved uses of probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) in risk informed regulation and safety management through the analysis of results and the development of perspectives regarding potentially important risk contributors and associated risk-reduction strategies. WGRISK’s activities address the PSA methods, tools, and data needed to provide this information.

In order to address these issues, WGRISK conducted two co-ordinated tasks: “PSA for Advanced Reactors” and “PSA in the Frame of Design and Commissioning of New NPPs”.

In order to support the objectives of these two tasks, two task-specific questionnaires were developed by the task core groups and answered by the participating countries and organisations. Additionally, a workshop entitled “Workshop on PSA for New and Advanced Reactors” was held at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris, France on 20-24 June 2011. The present report documents the proceedings and the outcomes of this workshop.