Proceedings of the CFD for Nuclear Reactor Safety Applications (CF4NRS-3) Workshop

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The OECD Nuclear Energy Agency developed an initiative to form writing groups of experts with the specific task of assessing the maturity of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes for nuclear reacor safety (NRS) applications and to establish a database and best practice guidelines for their validation and use. The CFD4NRS-3 Workshop, held in Bethesda, Maryland, United States on 14-16 September 2010, is a development of these activities, and follows the two previous CFD4NRS workshops held in Garching, Germany (September 2006) and Grenoble, France (September 2008).

The purpose of the workshop was to provide a forum for numerical analysts and experimentalists to exchange information in the field of NRS-related activities relevant to CFD validation, with the objective of providing input to the Working Group on the Analysis and Management of Accidents (WGAMA) CFD experts to create a practical, state-of-the-art, web-based assessment matrix on the use of CFD for NRS applications. The workshop included single-phase and multiphase CFD applications as well as new experimental techniques.