Defence in Depth of Electrical Systems and Grid Interaction: Final DIDELSYS Task Group Report

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The NEA Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI) authorised formation of a task group in January 2008 to examine Defence in Depth of Electrical Systems and Grid Interaction with nuclear power plants (DIDELSYS). The task was defined based on the findings of an NEA sponsored workshop on lessons learned from the July 2006 Forsmark-1 event held in Stockholm, Sweden in 5-7 September 2007.

From this DIDELSYS task group review, the CSNI desired a summary report that would:

  • provide information on the state of the art regarding the robustness of safety-related electrical systems (SRES), taking into account their interaction with other electrical equipment, the use of new technologies and the problems encountered when modernisation of existing plants is undertaken;
  • provide guidelines for improving the communication and co-ordination between the grid (grid operator and regulator), the nuclear safety authorities and the licensees.