Proceedings of the CSNI/IAEA Workshop on Maintaining Oversight of Licensee Safety Culture – Methods and Approaches

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Regulatory bodies are taking a growing interest in the issue of safety culture, and several are actively working to develop and implement approaches to maintaining oversight of licensee safety culture. However, these approaches are not yet well-established, and it was considered prudent to share experiences and developing methodologies in order to disseminate good practices and avoid potential pitfalls. An NEA/CSNI/IAEA workshop was therefore held in Chester, United Kingdom on 21-23 May 2007 in order to explore and discuss the approaches that different regulatory bodies are taking to maintain oversight of licensee safety culture. It was organised by the UK Nuclear Installations Inspectorate on behalf of the CSNI’s Working Group on Human & Organisational Factors (WGHOF). This report sets out the findings of the Chester workshop.