International Standard Problem: ISP-47 on Containment Thermal Hydraulics – Final Report

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The main objective of ISP-47 was to assess the capabilities of lumped parameter (LP) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes in the area of containment thermal-hydraulics. Following the recommendations made in the state-of-the-art report (SOAR) on “Containment Thermal-hydraulics and Hydrogen Distribution” this international standard problem (ISP) was based on the application of different complementary experimental facilities and a progressive modelling difficulty. The three experimental facilities TOSQAN, MISTRA and ThAI have shown the quality of the provided experimental data suitable for CFD and LP code benchmarking in steady-state and transient conditions (control of the initial and boundary conditions, and the accuracy of the measurement techniques). This mainly includes pressure transients and gas temperature field as in former exercises. Detailed gas velocity and gas concentration (air, steam and helium) fields were obtained for the first time in such an exercise.