3-D Radiation Transport Benchmarks for Simple Geometries with Void Region

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Several NEA Nuclear Science Committee (NSC) activities are concerned with the validation of computation methods and codes as applied to nuclear technology. One of the challenges has been and continues to be the refined modelling of the full geometrical complexity of real problems in practical applications. Two types of method for three-dimensional modelling have emerged: the stochastic Monte Carlo method and several deterministic methods.

In order to address current issues in this field, a series of 3-D neutron transport benchmarks, known as “Takeda benchmarks” were organised under the auspices of the NSC (Report NEACRP-L-330, March 1991), and concerned small, highly heterogeneous reactor cores. The Workshop on Advanced Monte Carlo Computer Programs for Radiation Transport was then organised in Saclay, France on 27-29 April 1993 (proceedings published in 1995 as ISBN 92-64-14376-9), followed by a seminar entitled “3-D Deterministic Radiation Transport Computer Programs: Features, Applications and Perspectives”, which was held in Paris on 2-3 December 1996 (proceedings published in 1997 as ISBN 92-64-16020-5).