Mobile Fission and Activation Products in Nuclear Waste Disposal

Workshop Proceedings, La Baule, France, 16-19 January 2007

ISBN : 978-92-64-99072-2
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Most experts worldwide agree that disposal of spent nuclear fuel in appropriate formations deep underground provides a suitable option. Most public discussions about these underground repositories concentrate on the radiological hazard associated with the potential leak of actinides to the biosphere. However, the radiotoxicity of the fission products dominates the total radiotoxicity of the spent nuclear fuel during the first 100 years. Thereafter, their radiotoxicity diminishes and the long-term radiotoxicity becomes dominated by the actinides, mainly by the plutonium and americium isotopes.

The aim of the international workshop on Mobile Fission and Activation Products in Nuclear Waste Disposal, MOFAP07, was to review and to identify the needs for further studies on the transport and chemical behaviour of fission products in the geosphere for the safety assessment of radioactive waste repositories. These proceedings contain 22 peer-reviewed papers from the workshop, which should be of particular interest to professionals in the radioactive waste management field.