Pressurised Water Reactor MOX/UO2 Core Transient Benchmark

Final Report

ISBN : 92-64-02330-5
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Computational benchmarks based on well-defined problems with a complete set of input and a unique solution are often used as a means of verifying the reliability of numerical solutions. The problems usually employ some simplifications in order to make the analysis manageable and to enable the consistent comparison of several different models, yet complex enough to make the problem applicable to actual reactor core designs.

The present benchmark has been designed to provide the framework to assess the ability of modern reactor kinetic codes to predict the transient response of a core partially loaded with mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel. It is a follow-up to a pressurised water reactor (PWR) benchmark designed to assess the ability of spatial kinetics codes to model rod ejection transients in a core with uranium-dioxide (UO2) fuel. The current problem adds the complexity of modelling a rod eject in a core fuelled partially with weapons-grade MOX. The core chosen for the simulation is based on a four-loop Westinghouse PWR power plant similar to the reactor chosen for plutonium disposition in the United States.

This report provides an analysis of the results supplied by experts. The report will be of interest to reactor physicists and designers as well as to nuclear power plant utilities.