Stakeholder Participation in Radiological Decision Making: Processes and Implications (Villigen 3)

Third Villigen Workshop, Villigen, Switzerland, 21-23 October 2003

ISBN : 92-64-10825-4
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Since 1988, the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency has been organising a series of workshops to address the various aspects of stakeholder involvement in radiological protection decision making. These workshops have been instrumental in forging consensus and improving understanding of key issues in this area.

Building on the experience of the first two "Villigen workshops", the third in the series extensively analysed three case studies, which covered the licensing of a new facility, the clean-up and release of an old facility, and the rehabilitation of a large, contaminated area. Consideration was given to the stakeholder involvement processes that had been used, and the implications that these did or could have on radiological protection policy, regulation and application. The workshop papers analysing these processes and implications are presented in these proceedings, which should provide valuable examples and lessons for governments, regulators and practitioners.