Public Confidence in the Management of Radioactive Waste: The Canadian Context

Workshop Proceedings, Ottawa, Canada, 14-18 October 2002

ISBN : 92-64-10396-1
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Public confidence is significantly affected by social considerations, such as public participation in decision-making processes, transparency of activities, access to information, effective and appropriate mitigation measures, development opportunities and social justice issues. In order to increase public confidence, there is a need to fully understand social concerns and to design an effective strategy on how to address them. This is particularly so in relation to radioactive waste management decision making.

A workshop held in Ottawa in October 2002 brought together a wide range of Canadian stakeholders to present their views and to debate related issues with delegates from radioactive waste management programmes in 14 countries. This third interactive workshop of the NEA Forum on Stakeholder Confidence focused on key areas such as the social concerns at play in radiaoactive waste management, how these concerns can be addressed, and development opportunities for local communities.

These proceedings provide a summary of the workshop, the full texts of the stakeholder presentations and detailed reports of the workshop discussions.