Short-term Countermeasures in Case of a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency (2003)

ISBN : 92-64-02140-X
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Nuclear emergency planning, preparedness and management are essential elements of any country's nuclear power programme. The timely and appropriate implementation of short-term countermeasures can, in case of a nuclear emergency with a release of radioactive material, considerably reduce the doses the public could receive in the vicinity of the nuclear installation.

This report summarises information on national emergency preparedness and planning in NEA member countries for the implementation of short-term countermeasures such as evacuation, sheltering and iodine prophylaxis. The information presented may be used to better understand and to compare existing national approaches, procedures, practices and decisions, which may vary among countries due to different national habits, cultural specificity and society needs. This report may also assist member countries interested in achieving international harmonisation of short-term countermeasures;