Benchmark Calculations of Power Distribution Within Fuel Assemblies

Phase II: Comparison of Data Reduction and Power Reconstruction Methods in Production Codes

ISBN : 92-64-18275-6
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Systems loaded with plutonium in the form of mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel show somewhat different neutronic characteristics compared with those using conventional uranium fuels. In order to maintain adequate safety standards, it is essential to accurately predict the characteristics of MOX-fuelled systems and to further validate both the nuclear data and the computation methods used.

A computation benchmark on power distribution within fuel assemblies to compare different techniques used in production codes for fine flux prediction in systems partially loaded with MOX fuel was carried out at an international level. It addressed first the numerical schemes for pin power reconstruction, then investigated the global performance including cross-section data reduction methods. This report provides the detailed resutls of this second phase of the benchmark. The analysis of the results revealed that basic data still need to be improved, primarily for highter plutonium isotopes and minor actinides.